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Bug Earn FBC 2013

Posted by Mer Pati On Thursday, January 31, 2013 0 comments

Earn FBC January 2013
Earn FBC January 2013 -  hay,, guys,.. Now i want to update tips to get FBC (Facebook Credit), in facebook game FBC can change to pay with Credit card, Now FBC is Popular In facebook and game Online,. ^_^.

How to Get FBC

1. Login / Register In Kepard ( Register )
In Link You have instant 30 Day's to try Premium VPN,. In another Link you can have 1 Day Left to try,. ^_^
2. Download and install your kepard
3. Setting your IP In kepard
4. Goto Game In Facebook
Game FBC
- Draw My Thing ( )
- Fashion Designer ( )
5. Search picture

and klick
you can have fiew
6. Right Click
7. Fiew Frame Source
and Search "https://www.trialpay
and copy in new tab,. again and again8. and play 1 by 1,...!!
and you can ceck in your account
Nice to get FBC,..!!! now you can buy token ninja saga or  change to emblem ninja saga,..!!!! nice tips to Earn FBC January 2013
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